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Front mount / foot clearance issues


Spent 15 hours trying to jam the bike inside the shell, having the devil of a time. That sexy pointed nose is creating havoc. Because of the slope, there isn't enough room for the toes or heels. I will probably have to add toe bulge shapes.

And there isn't enough room for the handlebars. So as an experiment, I have cut the black center piece down its center and will try to add more material to widen the shell, which of course increases the frontal area and changes the foil shape. Because the mold was made with kind of flat sides, increasing the width of the nose aggravates the flat side problem.

This shows the vehicle hanging by its tail to allow working on the bottom in comfort and precision, and to allow the shell to assume a reasonable foil shape. I learned to do this when I added the internal braces inside the old OFS. Note the cutouts for the bomb bay doors, the front wheel, and (deep inside) the front Y-mounts that support the front end of the shell. Note also the bottom of the bike frame, part of the bottom of the carbon seat, and the rear wheel. Because the Momentum molds were not the correct shape on the bottom, the foam does not make it to the frame of the bike.

Here are the two halves tied together with overlapping pieces of 0.2" thick black HD80 material. They are machine-screwed to the frame in two places. I gave up using Velcro, as it comes apart in a crash. The removable tail is also attached to the frame with an 8-32 machine screw. This whole bottom assembly is quite smooth and stiff.

This shows a 3/4 view of the right side and a better view of the rear wheel fairing.

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